Cold in County Door

I wonder if the term whimtrip has been coined.  I don’t think it has, so allow me to insert a new entry into the dictionary:

whimtrip  | (h)wim trip |
1. a sudden desire to undertake a journey or excursion, esp. one that is unusual or unexplained.
2. a word coined by the renowned wastrel Eric Barnum

My recent whimtrip happened to be to Door County, WI.  Since moving here in September for the Université Oshkosh, there have been a great many people who not only recommended, but insisted that I visit.  I’m sure most would not have recommended a whimtrip there the week before Christmas, especially with the beautiful Herald of Christmas: snow.  But whimtrips are now by definition unexplained or unusual.

A friend of mine Ben acquiesced to accompany, and we left before dawn, hoping to get to the county as light hit to break fast at a place called The White Gull in Egg Harbor.  As we cruised up the road through small towns, desolate due to the season, I remember saying, “I feel like we are in the movie 28 Days Later.  There was no life

Cave Point was certainly the highlight of the day.  Its rugged beauty remains whether it is the middle of the summer or in the slow burn of winter.  The cold water of Lake Michigan crashes incessantly on the cliffs and something is surely wrong if it doesn’t make you pause. …and it wasn’t difficult to do exactly that after a strange year.  The wind was whipping and blowing its bitter breath upon our cheeks, but our eyes shone looking out across the water from the cliffs.  It was clean, and rough, and refreshing.  But! how lucky we are today to get back into a warm car.

After visiting nearly every park and small town, the notion solidified itself to me that the midwest needs snow during this time of year to sustain a measure of beauty.  Certainly one can find beauty in the browns, muted greens, empty trees and frozen earth, but it takes work.  Snow makes it easy, and County Door is ready and waiting for it.  The Herald is late.


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