The ‘Stink-face’

A great memory of mine from my undergraduate degree was playing jazz piano in a little group with Dr. Steve Konecne and Dr. Patrick Riley.  Now I’ll admit I was just a beginner of sorts, but I was really one of the only ones around that could, and I loved it.  There is so many wonderful things about good jazz music.  A funny thing I thought of today are the faces one makes while either playing it or listening to it.  There are pain faces, faces of ecstacy, faces of calm, faces of intensity, biting lips, furrowed brows, huge smiles … well, you get the gist.  But my absolute favorite face of all is one you don’t get from other music genres (at least I’ve never seen it).  It is what I like to call the “stink-face.”  When someone plays something so utterly wonderful or some insane crazy phrase, sometimes you just can’t help make a face like you just smelled the worst thing you could possibly imagine.  You know, maybe it is just the face of confusion, as if you are mulling how what is happening is even possible, physically or theoretically.

John Coltrane

Coltrane and rotten eggs.

Django and turpentine.

Mingus and spoiled milk.


I made that face today.  How couldn’t I when I saw this?…
Watch out, the Caravan smells bad, but sounds so good.


….maybe that was too easy.  Lets try another Caravan.  Try and wrap your music brain around this:

I agree with a commenter: “Open up a window…. this is too funky!”